Car Valet

Car valeting service Kerry Cork Ireland

Car Valet, Car Sales Kerry Standard Valet €60

Services included in the Standard Valet:

Clean wheels, wheel arches and door shuts.

Tyres dressed & exterior vinyls & bumpers.

Wash/wax & leather dry exterior.

Thoroughly vacuum interior, seats, carpets and boot.

Clean and dress interior vinyls, air vents and dashboard.

Empty and clean ashtrays and all rubbish removed.

Polish windows and mirrors inside and out.

Scent added to the car in our standard car valet service.


Highlight Car Valet Service

Clean wheels

Tyres dressed

Wash/wax & leather dry exterior

Vacuum interior

Ash-trays emptied & all rubbish removed

Dashboard dusted

Windows cleaned

Scent added

Please Note That:
Seats may generally take half a day to a day to dry depending on weather conditions but we do endeavor to get them as dry as possible.

Plastic seating covers are provided so your vehicle can be used straight away.