Charity begins at home, Alive in Ireland, helping Irish people first.

Join our campaigns and give
hope to desperate people in Ireland
Make the right choice for Ireland
Help those who are in need.
Our mission is to engage more people in the fight
for better life of needy people in Ireland

Charity begins at home in Ireland, we are for helping Irish people first.

We are about helping Irish people first

Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteers in Ireland

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple help our own first we have to help irish people, before we help others in the world.

It is so simple but we forget because of big advertising we have many society & people we can help at home first.
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Latest News

  • Alive in Ireland requesting more Volunteer's.
  • Homeless knock on door of Alive in Ireland daily.
  • Another child from a day of hunger by Alive in Ireland.
  • Family saved from eviction.

After finding alive my life was transformed into one i dont recognise. Its a great foundation in Ireland

Sandra Wood

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